16 November 2007

On-One Inbred Reviewed

We love the On-One Inbred. The quirky "British Surly" is inexpensive, rides great (steel is real), is available as a frame or complete, with or without gears, and for 26" and 29" wheels. An Inbred was marc's first singlespeed, white and purchased at Freewheel in Notts. Aah, that bug bit hard...

The aggressively bent and crimped chainstays and DeKerf-style seatstays allow for nice fat tires for both wheel styles, there are Crud Catcher (Google it) bosses on the downtube, and the top tubes are nice and long, allowing 6 foot men and 5'8 women to ride the 18" (with 105mm and 60mm stems, respectively). The frame and stem also have very cute overall-wearing inbreds smiling up at you.

Bikeradar have reviewed a geared version with a rigid carbon fork in a lovely powder blue. They like it, as they should, though we should add that it's perfect in more places than just England.


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