19 November 2007

bikefix First Impressions: RockShox Revelation 426 Air U-Turn

13 July 2008: See our review update here...

Seeing as the Marzocchi XC700SL is off at Marzocchi getting it's innards replaced, we figured that it was time to see if there was anything to the positive noises that we've been hearing about RockShox's latest generation of forks. I, for one, have been impressed with the Reba Race on my 29er (not that there were many choices when it was built), as it felt responsive on smaller bumps without bottoming put over bigger stuff. Not having ridden anything else from RockShox since an '03 Psylo Team (which was good, save for my 140lb ass inexplicably breaking springs), I figured it was time to give them another look.

Weighing in at a reasonable (for the travel) 4 pounds even (plus the optional remote lockout) and sporting 100-130mm of travel, the Revelation is up against Fox's TALAS (I disliked) and Vanilla (Charlie likes), Marzocchi's XC Retro 700 and Manitou's Minute series, among others. Made in Taiwan, by SRAM (the people who brought you plastic), RockShox don't seem to have the cachet of other brands. It's a shame, though, as there are a lot of neat things going on here, which we'll get into during a midterm or final review.

We figured that, with adjustable positive and negative air chambers, that the Revelation would be very tunable, with the ability to go from a linear to progressive spring curve to suit rider weight and style. Right out of the box, with 80psi in each the top and bottom air chambers, the Revelation feels miles better than the TALAS over small bumps (and just as plush) and a bit better than the XC700 on small bumps and a fair bit better fast, rough stuff. We've only spent about 6 or 7 hours riding it so far, but provided that the seals break in and everything else keeps working, we could have a winner on our hands...



13 July 2008: See our review update here...

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