11 November 2007

bikefix Exclusive Review: Uvex xp 100

I bought this helmet on a whim and it is the best helmet I have ever had. Uvex is a German company who seem to really care about the price and value of their products. They have a range of sporting goods but are known mostly for their eyewear [especially workplace safety glasses] and helmets.

The xp 100 is a cross country/all mountain lid that looks a little like the Giro Zen but not nearly as bulk- though probably with not quite as much crash protection either. The Uvex has 16 vents and weighs in at a very light 255 grams. The front vents have mesh webbing to keep out bees and such (don’t laugh, it’s happened to me twice before I owned this helmet) and weighs less than many cross-country helmets offering less coverage.
Of course, the most important thing with a helmet is the fit, and the XP happens to fit me very well. I have a large-ish round head and am completely happy with the fit. A friend who also has this helmet loves the fit- he has a large head too but with a more oval shape. The retention system ratchets in and out using a rotary dial type knob. The only drawback so far is that it can loosen over the duration of a ride– never much, but always a little. That doesn’t bother me much but some might not like that. Unlike some helmets though, I have never gotten my hair pulled out when I adjust it or take it off.

The xp 100 sits close to the top of the Uvex range (only one model is pricer) but is a great value at $100.00 [and $30 less than the Giro Xen]. The 2008 colors don’t appeal to me as much as 2007’s [German style isn't for everyone- at least they have black], but they have enough different colors to satisfy most people.



Thanks to Maria from Uvex for her feedback. She sounds like a very nice lady and asked us to mention that "our helmet carries the same protection as the Giro helmet you reference. All helmet manufacturers are required to go through the same testing procedures to ensure consumer safety, so your cranium is just as safe in our lid as theirs" (and that she hopes that "it will never be an issue for you.")...


Dennis said...

This helmet came recommended from a riding buddy and decided to get one after your review. The XP100 was hard to find, but I'm happy I made the effort. This is the best fitting helmet I've owned. It's very light and great ventilation. Thanks for the review, I'm very happy :)

bikefix said...


Happy to hear it! They seem to becoming more and more common, which is well deserved. Enjoy your new helmet, mb

Mingsta said...

I purchased one in the UK for £50 after reading many positive reviews. Its a great design and has the looks and quality of a top end lid, but for half the price. I've looked at many lids from the likes of specialized and giro etc, but baulked at the prospect of paying over £100 for their top models. Uvex really deserve to be a big success with their current line up and I hope that they start to get picked up by some of the chains.

bikefix said...


That's awesome- they're doing a great job, and the fact that they're making things in the 1st world makes it that much more impressive!