15 November 2007

24-Hour Road Racing!

Patrick Adams, the promoter of Mountain Mayhem and Sleepless in the Saddle 24-hour mountain bike racing events, among others, has announced what is first 24-hour road bike race (that we're aware of). Adams has secured a road circuit in a Welsh army training area, which ensures that it'll be traffic-free for the entirety of the event. We wonder if lapping a sub-9 mile course on road bikes could get monotonous (mountain bike races tend to be 10-15 miles per lap and are of course a fair bit slower), and we could imagine leading 5-person teams racking up nearly 50 laps over 24 hours. That said, Adams has a reputation for great events to uphold, so he's probably got the details down.

Check out www.shimano24.com for images, maps, and even an accelerated video of the course. Could be neat if you're in the neighborhood...


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