29 October 2007

bikefix Review update: 2008 Fox 32 TALAS RLC

After talking with a number of folks here & there, checking out the competition, seeing what they were going for on ebay, we've decided not to bother with the 5W oil Fox Talas experiment we mentioned in the Midterm Review. As interesting as it would be to try to salvage it, there are just too many other forks to try. One of which, we hope, will work well out of the box. Besides, ours was still in very good, salable shape. Charlie is working on a 2008 Fox 32 VAN RLC review as we speak, so there may be hope for Fox yet. He's been making positive noises so far. Our hopes were high for the new 32 TALAS, but our opinion is still that their best features are the 3-position travel adjust and, of course, their fantastic resale value.

A RockShox Revelation, on the other hand, could be interesting...


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