29 October 2007

bikefix Review update: 2007 Marzocchi XC Retro SL 700

Thanks ridemonkey!

To fix the issue with the travel winding down: 1. Loosen the top cap on the ATA side. 2. Tighten the two set screws in the middle of the threads on either side of the top cap til you have nice firm detents (1 turn each tops). 3. Thread the top cap back in. DONE
OK. Now that that's sorted (we had to do it twice actually- you might want to use Loctite the first time), its back to riding our 3.6lb, 5in travel fork- without having to zip tie the travel adjuster in place. So far, not much has changed... Very plush on slow-speed and moderately-sized impacts, but overwhelmed a bit on the faster stuff, though no worse than anything else we've ridden lately. We took a field trip up to ride Santa Fe's fantastic Windsor Trail on a beautiful fall Friday, and the fork did well. The weight was nice when climbing for two hours, and the fork was well-behaved and predictable on the 45 minute descent. The 130mm of travel were nice when poor line choices were made, but the bike never felt too big or wallowy.

Going forward, we may decrease pressure in the top spring and increase the bottom spring for a bit to see if the small-bumps can be handled better without causing it to sit half way into its travel. At almost 1 year old, the XC Retro's white paint is showing some signs of wear, but that may be as much a function of the color as anything else. Those pimp chrome stantions aren't showing any signs of wear, and the crown paint is holding up well to cable rub as well. We'll keep you posted...



Anonymous said...

Hey there guys, I have just stumbled upon these notes about this fork after having heaps of problems with getting mine to work (and not having a lot of luck locally here in New Zealand!). I have taken the top ATA cover off but can't see any grub screws... Is it possible for you to provide a pciture of the area you are talking about here - I am at my wits end and considering sending this fork over to USA for servicing - if you can save me this cost it would be muched appreciated!!!

Cheers, Kelvin

bikefix said...

Kelvin, Sorry- our fork is long gone... You need a cassette lockring tool to pull the cap off and the screws are perpindicular to the major axis of the leg and go in about half way down the threads. Hope this helps, mb