28 October 2007

Bike Radar tests the Cervelo Coloist CSC-SL

We were fortunate enough a year or so back to spend a week with a carbon Cervelo Soloist. Thanks to the contrast between their vaguely-European sounding name and Canadian/Chinese heritage (think Scattante, Forza, Sette, etc.), their ugly-as-sin two-tone paintjobs and massive graphics, Cervelos haven't ever done much for us. Of course, there's a reason that they're so popular, and it turns out that these bikes are damn fast. Maybe a bit harsher than we'd like for a 100 mile day, but fast nonetheless. Stiff laterally, aerodynamic, and fairly lively, we'd almost overlook all of the above if we were in the market for a race bike.

Bikeradar have posted a review of the 2008 CSC-SL version of the Soloist, and they seem to agree- its a bike that was designed to be ridden hard and fast, and to reward you for doing so. Heck, they've even suck with a single color. What's more to want?


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